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Telemedicine Insurance Coverage-The need of an hour

Telemedicine: Boon In COVID scenario


Telemedicine is definitely not another word for us all, we all are familiar with it to some extent.

‘Telemedicine’ during COVID time is really a boon for all of us.

The emergence of the Coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic made the word ‘Home quarantine’ more popular among all of us in terms of  Insurance Coverage.

Now, these words are very familiar across among all and at all levels of society and now it became the need of an hour.

We all know the First Lockdown was started in March 2020 and to date, it continues with some relaxation. 

This Lockdown made most of us use Information Technology well in every field of our daily life whether in Education, Office meetings, Interfacing with Government departments or in taking care of our routine Health.

During such a situation, the presence of Telemedicine bridged the gap among different components of the Healthcare system. It allowed us to take treatment while staying in one place.

Advantages of Telemedicine

  • Easy access to Specialists

  • Reduced waiting time 

  • Reduction in Healthcare costs

  • Keep the essence of face to face consultation

  • Zeroing up Geographical limits and time zones

  • Increased number of Doctor Consultations

  • Increase Digitalization in Healthcare

  • Preventive care of Health

  • Reduction in infections

  • Health advice seekers can reach its Consultant alone  

  • Anytime availability of Consultants

Disadvantages of Telemedicine

  • Limited coverage in Health Insurance 

  • Technology Constraint

  • Degree of Technology perfection could reduce satisfaction level

  • Doctors should rely on patients for Medical report

Uses of Telemedicine

Telemedicine also played an important role in confining the movement of suspected patients, so that the human to human transmission of this virus could be stopped.

During pre Coronavirus era the Telemedicine was mainly used for setting up the remote medical facility, specialist consultation or consultation with any specialist outside India. 

But now Telemedicine is widely used by everyone who seeks medical advice. 

Home quarantine(isolation) is now a very common practice adopted in the treatment of Coronavirus patients. 

The individuals who are identified as positive are encouraged to stay at home and their treatment is going on through video call arrangements with their doctors.

In this, the doctors normally in contact with their patients and treat them according to their symptoms. 

All metro urban areas like Mumbai, Delhi where the quantities of contaminated people were most noteworthy, today the circumstance is levelled out because of the use of Telemedicine approach in taking care of patients.   

Home Isolation is safe for both patient and physician and minimizes the risk of infections. In this, the less critical patients need not get admitted to Hospital for claiming their hospitalization under Mediclaim policies. 

We have seen many examples where the Doctor was infected and he made infected to many of their patients unknowingly. 

Also, the less critical patients are safe to stay at their homes without coming in direct contact with severely affected patients.

IRDA also directed Insurance companies to cover the Telemedicine consultation expenses under their Health insurance policies. 

So that the Home Isolation cover is now part of “Corona Kavach” type policies. Apart from Corona Kavach policy, regular Health insurance policies are also covering the Telemedicine expenses in their Health policies.   

Digital health platform like Doconline, practo, credihelth and many more made the use of Telemedicine facility much more affordable and reaches to all levels of society.

Telemedicine: Present Status

Till now we have seen the effective use of Telemedicine is limited. It is useful till that Consultation is required, at this level the use of telemedicine is affordable. 

As we advancement in this like Robotic Surgeries then it becomes more expensive rather than traditional surgeries. 

The reason is, it requires a high level of Technology precision with an expensive Healthcare setup.

But now the competition is started among all Healthcare providers for bringing down the cost of such a high level of Robotic Surgeries at an affordable cost for all.

As it proved itself to became as need of an Hour.

Soon, the time will come when the use of Telemedicine in all segments of Healthcare will be available at an affordable cost for everyone.


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