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Drones Insurance-Part II


In this series of Drones Insurance-Part II, we will discuss the Advantages of Drones across different sectors.



Below are some major areas in which we can see the advantages of Drones:- 

A. Remote Sensing and Data gathering

The use of Drones in a number of ways.

Drones are used to carry sensitive sensing types of equipment with them in Geological surveying.

Archaeological, Agricultural sectors are greatly benefited with the help of Drones.

Some are below examples of Drones uses in the Agricultural sector:-

-With the help of Drones, Geological Surveying, agriculture, archaeology and many other industries got benefits. As Drone can carry a number of Sensing equipment to assist the number of functions.

– Drones can use LIDAR to measure the height of crops(LIDAR is a remote sensing technique, in which distance is measured by illuminating an object with a laser(infrared or UV)and then measuring what is reflecting back)

Forest Survey of India(FSI) has been using Drones for survey and demarcation of Research and Development applications in species Identifications. Drones are also used in gathering realistic data of ‘Deforestation’ etc..

B. Aerial Surveillance

Drones are used vastly in Aerial Surveillance by different Industries.

Police used to Fighting Crimes and catch Criminals or lawbreakers,

Farmers used to monitor their livestock while grazing remotely in a vast area,

Fire Department used to track and map and monitoring Wildfire,

The organization used to monitor Buildings, Pipelines, big size Boilers, Chimneys, Power lines, or any other risky for human life



C. Film Making or Motion Pictures

Drones are used in shooting and capturing videos of any events like sports, function, Celebrities snaps etc.

Now Drones also started used by Film Industry to shoot with manoeuver facilities.

Before this, the Helicopter was used, which is also a cost involvement too.

Sporting events also started the use of Drones, due to their ability to manoeuvre into locations where cable suspended cameras cannot reach.

D. Exploration of Oil, Gas and Minerals

Drones can be used effectively in the exploration of Oil, gas and Minerals.

These drones with the help of Electromagnetic sensors used to identify the presence of minerals up to any depth without putting danger to Human life.    

E. Disaster relief operations

Drones are packed with a number of sensors and send to Natural Disaster areas to locate the presence and then save human life.

Drones are also used to deliver essentials like Food, medical supplies, and medicine to affected areas.

Rescue Operations requires speed and effectiveness in performing that, where the assistance of Drones in these can”t ignore.

F. Real Estate and Construction

Drones used in marketing and Surveying of Land before the commencement of any Structure over there.

Builders, Developers and Realtors used drones to survey land and make videos, so that the required data can be gathered and can also be used for marketing or advertisement purposes. 

G. Recreational Use

Recreational use of Drones is also in use. Many Hobbyists used drones to capture Beautiful imagery and video around them.

Drones are also used as a Fun activity, as many Drone toys are available in market for fun use.

But all this use of Drone only in an open location where you can always see your Drones, which is also called line-of-sight flying.  

H. Fire Fighting

Drones are also used in risk mapping activities. These are used in planning the Fire extinguishing operations and carrying the water to Fire affected areas.

I. Maintenance of Power Grids

Drones are used for predictive maintenance of Power Grids by continuously inspecting and avoid having interrupt to a power supply.

They can scan and by use of thermographic cameras help to locate missing persons.

J. Services for isolated Towns and locations

The use of Drones by ‘Pizzaria’ is a perfect example of Delivery.

Amazon has also used Drones for delivery to its Prime membership customers.

Drones are also used for deliveries in remotely located areas for essentials like Medicines, Commodities etc. to isolated towns and rural environments.

Dominos, Amazon-like companies started to serve its customer with “same-day delivery” concepts.

K. Journalism

Drones changed completely the way of Journalism by their application.

The reliance of Drones in Data gathering for Journalism is increasing day by day. Live streaming of any event by Drones from desired angle, which even a reporter can”t do. These are used for the function of data gathering for news articles, and this is popularly known as “Drone Journalism”.  

L. Military Use

Drones from its History were used in Military combat operations.

Also today they are effectively used in warlike operations widely.

A pilot need not be carry bomber plans for Airstrike or Air Surgical missions.

Drones are also used to map, monitor and spy activities of Ground soldiers from Heights. Drones are also used to Monitoring of National boundaries



A. Accessibility

Drones are unique in their capability of reaching out there where no one can even imagine.

This unique capability makes them more efficient in use under Insurance.

  • In case of Damage inspections like Natural disasters, Fire incidents, or High rise Building Inspection cases where it is difficult for insurance Surveyors to reach the affected location.

  • Commercial Boilers which can be several stories high and are difficult to inspect due to huge in size and dark interior, deployment of Drones makes the inspection surveys easier, faster and safer.

  • The common use of Drones is for Rooftop inspection, which is normally difficult to inspect.  

The use of Drones in such situations can prove beneficial without risking the life of Surveyors and complete the surveys much more effectively and efficiently.

B. Speed

Speed, in the case of Drones, makes more quick settlement of Claims by making faster surveys and report generation in post-disaster claim inspections.

As soon as Surveyor or Insurer got intimation for attending the survey location, the surveyor need not reach there physically.

They just deploy drones and the survey could be attended without delaying and visuals can be recorded by anyone who is not an expert in Risk assessment in such situations.

C. Efficiency

Efficiency in terms of reporting and attending to an uneventful situation.

Drones can be deployed quickly and recording capacity i.e both video and audio makes them more efficient in the use of Insurance.

Access to disaster or Risk areas may be restricted by civil authorities for several days even for insurance Surveyors.

In such situations, Surveyors can use camera-equipped drones to capture still or moving visuals of damaged property.

These all make faster claims settlement with less chance of manipulation of facts.

D. Authentication

Frauds are very common in Insurance and each Insurer tries the best possible way to minimize and mitigate them.

In case of Drone use, properly attended surveys with the recording of facts deter Insurance Fraud.

E. Prudent Underwriting

Properly attending Risk location(s), recording of facts and figures and wide area coverage in case of Crop insurance, all make more enable commercial underwriters for prudent underwriting by application of correct risk rates of occupancy.

F. Integration with Technology

The Captured images and data become more valuable when Insurer integrates with other technologies such as Artificial Intelligence(AI).

Insurers are using Artificial intelligence to analyze data, assessing damage and repair costs more effectively. 


Drones contain a number of technological components, which includes :

  • Electronic Speed Controllers (ESC), an electronic circuit that controls a motor’s speed and direction.
  • Flight controller
  • GPS module
  • Battery
  • Antenna
  • Receiver
  • Cameras
  • Sensors, including ultrasonic sensors and collision avoidance sensors
  • Accelerometer, which measures the speed
  • Altimeter, which measures altitude

Apart from this, any further technological feature depends on the type and drone use case. For example recreational, photography, military and commercial use may require additionally-

  • Camera type, video resolution, megapixels and media storage format
  • Maximum flight time means how long the drone can remain in the air
  • Maximum speeds, including ascent and descent
  • Hover accuracy
  • Obstacle sensory range
  • Hold on to any Altitude or height
  • Live video feed
  • Flight logs

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